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Gielfi’s Sustainable Way of Thinking

Understand the Gielfi way of life and the core sustainable values that are so deeply rooted in our brand: it is true craftsmanship that shapes our luxury eco-friendly bags into the vision they are. We offer our founders styling direction, helping elevate your looks with the simple magic of a Gielfi handbag.


As the founder of our vegan friendly handbag brand, Gielfi, Isabelle chose to assess every part of the design, sourcing, and manufacturing process and be the change she wanted to see in the world of fashion.

Gielfi places innovative thought processes and core values at the heart of the brand's ethos, while inspiring others to be more responsible too. This blog guides you through the conscious choices we make and lets you in on the very best ways you can style Gielfi. As a result, you will get the most out of your purchase.


We are sure most of you have heard of vegan leather before. Some may refer to it as faux leather and label it an imposter, pretending to be something it’s not. For us, we believe the real deception lies with the leather industry. It promises a ‘natural’ product with better longevity and quality at the expense of our beautiful natural world.


Gielfi bags do not pretend to be something they are not, and we are proud to exclusively use natural vegan materials. Our apple leather has enormous benefits that contribute to being circular and cruelty-free:

  • exceptional strength,
  • UV resistance,
  • breathability,
  • and 100% biodegradability, to name a few.


The leather industry would love for you to think that a kinder alternative means sacrificing quality or longevity, but that’s simply not true. Complicity in the damaging acts of the garment industry is settling for what is convenient and on trend. We believe we can do better by raising our standards and protecting the natural world.

So, where do our vegan friendly bags come from? What makes them so much better than that shiny new Gucci bag you’ve been eyeing?

As a consumer, you have the right to know what you are supporting and buying into. Transparency should be provided freely; no secrets. After all, silence is usually compliance. At Gielfi, we have nothing to hide.

Our beautifully constructed bags are designed in London but crafted by artisans in Italy. This way, we can oversee fair pay and a safe work environment for our talented hands. Our promise to you is a gift of pure luxury, free from toxic chemicals, and made with love.


As a true fashion enthusiast, Isabelle took the liberty of curating outfit inspiration for each of her deeply fabulous, vegan handbags. These can be found in the style it highlights at @gielfi, but to give you more inspiration, let us tell you a little about the joys that are only one luxury sustainable handbag away.


They say diamonds are a girl's best friend; are they yours?

Transport yourself to the city of love with our Lolita bag and be ready for whatever the evening throws at you. A perfect pairing for those of you with a thousand black outfits, as our sparkles bring sophisticated glamour to your look. Wherever you’re going, you’re going with confidence and in style with this little beauty.


Bianca is a contemporary yet timeless bag. There is no outfit that can’t be elevated with this clean-cut, customisable handbag. Whether you’re going for a modern edge or adding some sophistication to a more classic style, the Bianca bag has got you covered. Pair her with a mini dress and some pumps for a fun yet classy look that just exudes timeless elegance.


The Clair bag has that edge that transforms a casual look into something deeply fashionable. Paired with some statement heels and your favourite jeans, it promises to steal attention and put a pep in your step. The bag is made from apple leather and recycled material, this is a guilt-free accessory that won’t go out of style.

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Vegan & everlasting craftsmanship

Gielfi is all about creating stunning products that lasts a life time and are kind to our environment.